Messy, overcrowded, out of room? Not anymore!

Guitar Players,

In your quest to find that perfect tone, how many times have you fallen in and out of love with your pedals?  Ever discovered a new stomp box that you wanted to add to your rig, only to find that it just won’t fit on your board?  Even worse, ever had to decide which pedal must “go” in order to make room for that new effect? And those expensive pedal patch cables- they’re either too long or too short to make your reconfiguration work- back to the music store!

Pedal Evolution, a company from Richmond, VA, introduces Pedal Pods- a powered, modular, locking pedalboard system for musicians who use effects pedals. It allows you to expand the overall size and shape of your pedalboard quickly and easily. Pedals can be arranged in multiple ways- one to three rows deep. Pedal Pods are lightweight and contain a built-in, isolated power supply with selectable voltage for each pedal. Choose 5, 9, 12, 15, or 18 volts with the flip of a switch. Pedal Pods provides plenty of space for each pedal, so no more overcrowding!

Pedal Pods will be on display at Winter NAMM 2019 in Anaheim, CA - booth # 2939 in Hall D.


Pedal Pods allows you to add or reconfigure pedals without the physical limitations of conventional pedalboards. You can expand in multiple configurations using connectable pods and mount pedals on angles or stair-stepped risers with this simple system. Add additional pedals in minutes with minimal tools or experience


Each Pedal Pod has high-current capability with built-in, isolated power for each pedal. You can choose the voltage for each individual pedal to insure it runs at its best. Pedal Pods come with two separate, but combinable signal loops for direct-in and/or effects send/return options


Pedal Pods provide high fidelity sound quality. There is built-in noise reduction and a selectable buffer to maintain your tone’s strength and purity. 

About the creators

Rick Garrett

Rick has been playing guitar for thirty-seven years and has played in several bands. He has always been a fan of guitar effects. Here’s how he came up with the Pedal Pods idea:

Effects have always been a big part of my guitar rig. I’ve always been fascinated with how a guitar’s sound can be shaped using effects. The possibilities are limitless, and let’s face it, pedals are just plain fun.

The problem I have run into with my pedalboards for years has always been the physical limitations of the boards. When you fill all the space, then what? New and interesting effects are constantly coming down the pike. I’ve always wanted to add new pedals, not remove them.

One day, I was trying to make room on an already maxed board for a cool new pedal only to find that it just wasn’t going to fit. Frustrated, I had to remove one of my favorites to make room. My patch cables were too short and I had no way to get power to it. To make matters worse, I live on a farm - an hour from the nearest music store!  As I’m sitting there on the floor, frustrated, I noticed a bag of my daughter’s Legos ® next to me. I then started thinking, what if you could have a board made of connectable pieces so that you could add to it at any time. I then thought about the possibility of providing power and wiring inside each pod so you would have a neat, organized appearance without overcrowding. At the end of the day though, I’m a guitar purist. Any board that would alter or diminish the integrity of the guitar’s tone was out of the question.

I immediately called my friend, Jerry Calder, the biggest gadget guru I know. If anyone could make this happen, it was Jerry. He saw the potential and went to work.

Jerry Calder

Jerry started in the consumer electronics industry installing custom car audio systems.  He was tasked with designing, installing and customizing cars to accept innovative and complex audio systems for regional and national competitions.  During this time, he was also involved with a car audio manufacture designing and building products for the car audio market. This evolved into designing and installing high-end, two channel audio systems and for custom home theaters.  Working with top manufacturers in the audio industry allowed Jerry to co-create and develop audio solutions that are still used today by well-known consumer audio brands.

Jerry eventually moved on to become a designer and installer of custom control and automation solutions for hi-end properties and yachts. In doing so, Jerry learned to identify what consumers valued most regarding technology.

Currently, Jerry works for a global company that specializes in electrical and digital building products that enhance and transform living spaces using today's most innovative technologies in lighting, sound and climate control.  It’s Jerry job to understand, not only how technology improves the lives of homeowners, but also what new and exciting technologies are under development and how to create products that exceed the consumer’s expectations. Jerry’s skills and knowledge of electronics and sound have made for a natural fit in designing and creating pedalboards. Sound quality and integrity have always been paramount to him.

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